Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Authority Toad Void


three years away
scorched by the orange tide
drawn by the flickering allure
caught by right angles
two angels
jolt and sprung
the slow walk through the forest
forgiveness and praise
spray sparkling fish landed
the wild refreshing as it is not
over-signified by the imagination
the social will is not imposed
or less so
myths can be generated
fresh visions had
the only real source of information
anything written that is not the 
product of vision is blasphemy 
against the holy ghost
unforgivable as it cheats the word
devalues symbols
numbers as counting only
tricks with counting
the wake as n-dimensional 
crossword puzzle instead of
a cosmos of memory containing
the living all
hail saint frances!
 lines to be traced
yet absolute freedom if purely
tap and pat
ear and eye
ivory and horn
all is still blessed!
the road goes ever on
do not defile with negative
another unpardonable sin?
place faith in the motion
wherever it leads
at no time did it abandon
it can't be transcribed
tho bits of it enter
the field and record of vision
sea breathing each wave
repetition welcomed
there's no requirement for
but to merely copy is murder
dance it anew
occult duel at the memorial
sun earth moon occlusion
chants and smirks
what was released?
shadows frighten
a single word as epic
of the human tribe
image sound fragrance sigil
antithetical-primary mini-cycles
white snake twisting coiling around
black twisting coiling into white
concrete and barnacles
butt filter pine needles
juxtaposition miscegeny
gratitude for every facet
even those turning away from the light
the sun is here! on my hand!
overabundance gift of peace
meant to be here
no other place possible
each angle of the rays unique
across the day across the season
the whole works hurtling out
into space
according to one reading
each mythology a tree
a root a rhizome
like music
different tempos pitches oscillations
timbres genres moods listeners
watchers gapers exhibiters seekers
acts of will cockle-pickers
sudden surprise
papa sets in the south
the mighty wig rises in the north
front back left right
descendant ancestor father mother
the pole and axis of love and hate
forgiveness and forgiving
harp and dog
sacred explosion
spectre and emanation
the holy mountain right in
front of me!
across the sea!
calm tranquil warm gentle
lacking nothing
but how to cope with the
nature calls out of nature
casts a summons down
the beach
foam rubber bum pad
toes in the sand
another sort of release
birds or people on those rocks?
yet retreating
the inspired passage of the bard
soul and world soul
in timaeus identity
oxford london ljubljana trieste
venice and dublin?
the city also calls
highest magic doppelganger
the one always two
-- do not spit in the temple!