Monday, April 20, 2020


[Incantation for the 4/11 Working]

Release the heart’s block
Waterfall sings with all voices
 That ever sounded
Down to the sea, flat on the sand
 The lowest heals
Four mountains reveal themselves
Drone the vowels
Butterfly comes through love
Blue marble, spiral shell, grey stone
Fungal flight
A plug between juice fields
Jazz-bird invitation to the valley
At this time of appearing
 We are food and eaters of food
All the muck must emerge
A jungle shrine buries a city
 Burying even more ancient cities
Half-absorbed in the lichen cross
Beaten to shards, flakes, pulverized
 Wailing insane in the dirt
All is forgiven, all shame vanquished
Descend into the pit
 And wrestle away the keys
The strong wind blows pestilence
 Across the land
Invisible envoys of primal horror
Kombu for iodine, red wine for strontium
 Coltrane for cobalt, Cecil for cesium
Carnival of the fourth world
Hooved and shaggy we drum
 And play our pipes
  Wild willful twisting wobbling
   In the womb
    On Golgotha, on the sweet
     Skull of Adam
Stuttering Thunder shocks
 Us awake again and the
  Snake beckons us to the Star
Beech tree and Bedrock
 And Her cry bursts my heart
The landscape becomes alive in thought
Slip through the Western Gate
 Once things come and cross
  The crown is dual
Finally able to map
 The adimensional mugwortery
  Of birdspeak greentongue twilightese
Drawn into insect
 Rites of the setting sun
No rolling back of the sky
The holy fool burns down his house
Coyote still flails in the air
Nomad’s way once more
Contact through the still pool
 Of the mind
The others come to see themselves
A guerrilla assault from the Moon
The Zeroine breaks through at every instant
Too dangerous now to open
 The drunken gates
Death throes of the bug machine
Only gods and immortals may
 Leave through the South
Two Cones wrapped
 Around one another
The tent post, the smoke hole
Animal wheel in dance
Twelve snakes spiral into the poles
 Ascending and descending
  Through the phases of the Moon
Thirteen -- the completion of
 The sphere
Green snake crossing
 On the steps
An invisible
 Grid overlaid on
  The land and shining through
   In words, notes, brush strokes
The song begins in the branches
 Hooting from the East hill
Mud union
Green shine and shadow
 Silence the peripheral buzz
  Knotted in flesh
Three mangy visitors at our back door
Here is the weave and the code
The moving world in a flash
Paradise in the details
Flickers of panic
A quest back to faith:
 The seat of the common sense
Pumping blood, radiating light
Circulating the loom of images
The departure of the Starman:
 You’re not alone
  In the woods between the worlds
Great wellings of light
 Peak through holes
  In the leaves
   Black slices into night
Even as all around floats with
 Petals and spores
Cool black wet loam