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Quadra Sent Him and Trinity Too 2

By Their Fruits

Shakespeare's Tempest returns in the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics, which featured Prospero's daughter Miranda. Readers of this blog will recall that Miranda was corresponded to Miranda Tate of Dark Knight Rises, the alias of Talia Ghul and the lover of the Caliban-like Bane. In this ceremony, Prospero is played by Ian McKellan, an actor perhaps best known for his role of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings. Gandalf, Prospero and Dee are all variations on the wizard archetype which first enters British literature in the figure of Merlin. Miranda is at once daughter and disciple of this wizard figure.

Miranda is on a journey of "Enlightenment," and this is the title of the Opening Ceremony. A real life "wizard"appears centrally in the cyborg-like form of Stephen Hawking. The Paralympic Games, in one sense, are the celebration of the cyborg. As things progress and technology increasingly comes to dominate sports and physical enhancement, we can expect that in the future the Olympics and Paralympics will merge into one Cyborg Games. This may be where Miranda's "enlightenment" is taking her.

This would seem to foresee a future dominated by science, technology and the precise programming of all aspects of life. Surprisingly, though, Hawking the atheist wizard asks,

Even if we do find a complete theory of everything, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?

There are the programming, deterministic equations and then there is the creative Fire that breathes into them. Is this Fire the real enlightenment that Miranda seeks? This recalls Dante's arrival on the summit of Mount Purgatory. After passing through the flames of physical lust and desire and as Dante is about to join in the Fire of consummation with Beatrice, his guide Virgil, the poet of rationality, informs Dante that he can no longer lead. Dante has reached the Fire beyond the Equations and is now ready to ascend to the stars. Is this what Hawking is saying?

Miranda is directed by her father to venture through the maze --  the same labyrinth discussed in a previous post of this blog. Eventually her enlightenment is attained by the biting of the Golden Apple. Symbolically this is the same Apple, mentioned previously, that was in Eden and in the Garden of the Hesperides. 

There are three versions of the Fall involving the Apple in the Western tradition. The best known is the Fall in Eden, at the summit of Purgatory. The second is the Fall that eventually sparked off the age-turning war at Troy. And the final Fall is Newton's Apple.

Hawking also represents the physicist/alchemist Newton. With the fall of this apple, according to the myth, Newton "discovered" the Law of Gravity. In a sense, this Fall represents the end of levity and enchantment in the world. It begins the grave reign of Law, Quantity and the Equations. For a couple of centuries the primal Fire was forgotten, hidden and suppressed. Prospero's renunciation of magic and the casting of his wand into the sea represents this Fall of disenchantment at the end of the Tempest.


When Miranda bites this Apple she ritually reenacts the Fall in all three variations of the story. And not only her. The tens of thousands of members of the audience were also invited to bite on an apple, given to them as they were seated, as she did. We all became Eve and celebrated the Fall together. Very heavy indeed.

Two other symbols dominated the Opening Ceremony. Perhaps the most obvious was the Umbrella, which was also featured in previous Olympic ceremonies, and in the Opening was shown as the World Mountain -- taking the place occupied by the Glastonbury Tor and the Great Wheel during the Olympic ceremonies. Much has already been written on the net about this umbrella symbolism so I'll leave this to others.

The second symbol is the full moon which is raised on a column throughout the ceremony. This conforms well to the analysis in a prior entry of this blog. The opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympic Games once again reenact the passage from the Moon to the Sun, as depicted in Cards 18 and 19 of Crowley's Thoth tarot deck. Miranda's journey is the traditional, mystic, sub-lunar journey which ends, upon biting the apple, with the marriage of the Sun and Moon.

Root and Branch, Tooth and Claw

If the Opening Ceremony is ruled by the Moon then the Closing Ceremony is all about the Sun. The centre mandala now becomes the sun dial. The ceremony is called "The Festival of the Flame," and the flame would appear to be Hawking's fire which breathes into the equations. It is the Fire of consummation which reverses the Fall, transforming gravity to levity, at the site of the Earthly Paradise.

The ceremony kicks off with an open Druidic solar invocation for the four seasons -- blatant, in-your-face Paganism. What did the Christians think of this? This was followed by a mostly musical presentation, featuring Coldplay, but packed with drama and imagery depicting the Sun's journey through the seasons.

We are introduced to the principal God of the ceremony -- the presiding deity over the whole of London 2012 and represented as the phoenix in the closing of the Olympics. He is the "Sun King," the Green Man, and his imagery also contains the coiling dual serpents of the Caduceus, the Tree of Life and in DNA. He is Apollo and it was he who was invoked in the lighting of the Torch in Greece back in May. At last he is revealed radiant in flames. In this iconic image a man and a woman, our original parents, behold the fiery God.

 2012 World Olympic Games Paralympics Closing Ceremony Sun King

The spirit of the Sun King is also depicted by nineteen "fireflies" which take flight within the stadium. Why nineteen? Could it have anything to do with Card 19, the Sun? Crop circles are burned into the ground during the ceremony and part of the stage becomes a vast circular sigil, which web research has shown to most closely resemble a magical Icelandic sign that bestows invisibility -- an ironic sign to display to millions across the globe.

 2012 World Olympic Games Paralympics Closing Ceremony wiccan wheel of the yearhulinheimur

Perhaps intentionally, though, this more than anything else sheds light on a key purpose for the entire London 2012 series of rituals -- not to make the visible invisible, but the reverse. 2012 is the start of the 108-year cycle to bring what was hidden out into the light. What was restricted to small occult and artistic circles in the past century is now mainstream and primetime.

To close off the age, however, is not as simple as conducting a series of rituals. Many researchers were confused, and some almost perversely disappointed, that no "events" took place during the whole of London 2012. All indications seemed at least to point to a false flag attack, if not a real or staged alien invasion. Instead, everything went off without a hitch. What happened?

One other large reason for the blatant display of occult symbolism, and the promotion of the idea that security was lax, was to attract as much and as varied attention as possible. This the organizers achieved. Maybe nothing was "scheduled" to occur during the Games. Maybe all of these rituals of 2012, which for the London Games really stretched back to the Torch Relay in May and in a wider sense began with Madonna's Superbowl ritual coinciding with Imbolc, were to ensure the success of what would follow.

The Garden Harvest

Just two days after the final conclusion of London 2012 the "events" began -- on 9/11. The US Embassy at Benghazi, Libya was attacked and its ambassador was killed and dragged through the streets by the mob. This was the first time an acting US ambassador has been killed since 1979 -- significantly 33 years ago in Afghanistan. Embassy attacks also took place in Cairo and violent protests spread throughout Muslim countries and around the world.

                                      All of this happened, so the story goes, in response to the Youtube release of a cheesy and repugnant video promo which intentionally blasphemed the prophet Mohammed. This was produced by a man with the imbecilic psuedonym of Sam Becile.  It's not the intention here to get caught up in the many largely staged debates swirling around these events, nor is the purpose to analyse this as an "operation." The main point is that while much of 2012 has been relatively quiet, compared to the roiling chaos of recent years, things are once again in full swing.

It is no mistake that things began once again on 9/11. It is also no mistake that the focal point was Benghazi. Benghazi has traditionally been associated as the site of the mythical garden of the Hesperides. We witnessed the Golden Apple of the Hesperides during London 2012 -- the very apple that led to the Trojan War. Now, at the site of this Garden a new war may be beginning. Is this intended as a further Fall before a final fiery Redemption? 

Web researchers have noted that Sept. 11th, 2012, significantly eleven years after the original 9/11, also fell on a Tuesday -- a day dedicated to the God of War. Eleven years before 9/11, September 11, 1990, was also a Tuesday and it was the day George H. W. Bush gave his famous, 33-minute-long, New World Order speech to Congress. A pattern is certainly evident here, at least to feverish minds.

The Cursed Play

September 11th, 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of the attacks and provided the occasion for an important ceremony, and another colourful strand in the pattern. The Guardian provided a great timeline of the day's events. There were three main speakers; Obama, Bush and Mayor Bloomberg. It is what they said that I want to examine.

Bloomberg starts the proceedings, speaks for a bit, and calls for a minute of silence at 8:46 when the first tower was struck. Next Obama speaks:

Obama reads the entirety of Psalm 46 which emphasizes the fact that God is with us even in the darkest of times. Many people commented on how ominous this text is. It discusses earthquakes, the earth melting, war, etc. It sounds like the end of the world. Definitely this is a weird text to read for such an occasion, but beyond this surface level things get even weirder.

The original King James version of the chapter can be found here. Digging a little deeper we find that this 46th chapter has always been mysterious. If you start with the first word "God" and count 46 words you will come to "shake." Then, if you start with the last word "refuge" and count back 46 words you will come to "spear." Together we get shake-spear or Shakespeare.

For decades researchers have been seriously convinced that this Psalm points to the secret authorship of the King James Bible -- perhaps Shakespeare himself or at least Francis Bacon, who was according to some the chief editor of the translation project, writing as "Shakespeare."

Whether or not Shakespeare and/or Bacon were involved in translating the Bible is not really important here. It is clear in any case that whoever translated the text seems to have intentionally arranged this. And regardless, Obama and/or his handlers would have been well aware of the controversy surrounding this chapter as they selected it specifically to be read on this most important day.

Were they trying to subtly point out that 9/11 also has a secret authorship?

Obama's speech actually uses a different version of Psalm 46. "Shake" is still the 46th word from the start, but "spear" is the 45th from the end. To my mind this doesn't matter significantly. It is what the chapter represents that is important.

In seeming recognition of his connection with Psalm 46, at the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, the church where Shakespeare is entombed, on display under glass is an original edition of the 1611 King James Bible which is uncannily opened to Psalm 46.

Shakespeare was himself 46 at the start of 1611, and this year was also when he published the last play he wrote alone, The Tempest. 2011, when Obama made his speech, was the 400th anniversary of both the King James Bible and the Tempest.  It's also interesting that older English translations of the Bible include the word "tempest" in the same verse with "shake."

3 Though the waters thereof rage and swell: and though the mountains shake at the tempest of the same.

Another strange thing about Psalm 46, regardless of the version, is that it is the 666th chapter of the Bible if we count back from the last chapter, Revelations 22. This can be easily verified. 666, according to certain researchers, was another code for Bacon, but in any case it is a ominous number to associate with 9/11.

So if we follow all of this, Obama's speech appears to subtly point to Shakespeare. But does Shakespeare have anything to do with the 9/11 ceremony? It seems so. The Guardian's timeline notes that right after the president spoke Bloomberg returned to the stage:

The mayor uses a quote from Shakespeare's Macbeth – "Let us not measure our sorrow by their worth, for then it will have no end."

So now we know which Shakespeare play the hidden authors of the ceremony had in mind -- Macbeth. Why? The next and last dignitary speech comes from Bush and this might provide some sort of an answer:

Bush's speech appears to be a pretty straightforward and appropriate comparison of Lincoln giving thanks to a mother for the sacrifice of her sons to the republic, and the sacrifice of those who died on 9/11. But is there any connection between Macbeth and Lincoln? With just a bit of research we find out immediately that yes there is a huge connection.

Macbeth was Lincoln's favourite play. He constantly read and quoted from it and, famously, five days before he was assassinated he read out a passage from the play to a group of people on a ship. The passage concerns the assassination of Duncan. This event, and his subsequent killing, added to the reputation of Macbeth as a cursed play. At the time, Lincoln's connection to Macbeth was so well known that Macbeth quotes even appear with drawn depictions of the assassination.

This means that in the same 9/11 ceremony, the 10th and most important yet, we get Psalm 46 and its end of the world vision, pointing to hidden authorship and Shakespeare (the 46th Superbowl may also factor into this). Then, the pertinent Shakespeare work is identified as the "cursed play," Macbeth, and this is finally tied together with the Civil War, Lincoln and his assassination. What is all this implying? Does this finely intertwined set of symbolic references point towards some future occurrence or is this just another set of patterns helping to reveal a reality almost beyond comprehension?

And, to bring it to almost full circle, Obama gave a speech in 2009 in which he mentioned Macbeth. The speech was given at Ford's Theater -- the place where Lincoln was shot.

Arose Across Along The

Joseph Campbell brings attention to another connection with 432. If this number of the Yuga cycle is divided by 4, for the 4 Yugas or Ages, we get 108. As discussed in this blog before, it is exactly 108 years since the start of the Age of Horus in 1904 to 2012. This is the period of transition between active periods according to the Rosicrucians. It is the degree and a half between the Age of Pisces and The Age of Aquarius.

It's extremely fascinating, then, to find out that according to certain of Bacon's biographers that the mage founded the first open Rosicrucian lodge in 1580 -- 432 years, or four 108 year cycles, before 2012!

From his understanding of the secret information he had learned during his initiation into the Knights Templar, he conceived the idea of reactivating various Secret Societies and in 1580 founded the secret Rosicrosse Literary Society in Gray’s Inn.

There also seems to be a direct connection of Bacon to The Tempest. According to one researcher, Bacon "signed" his name in code in the last word of the play -- "free." The simple count of both "free" and "Bacon" is 33, while the reverse count of "free" and "Francis" is 67. This is a perfect sign off to Shakespeare's last play -- concluding a speech where Prospero begs the audience to set him free.

Is Shakespeare really Bacon? This is yet another question to leave open. To answer is to limit. As in Finnegans Wake, Bacon the rationalist and Shakespeare the poet are just another set of Hero Twins, the brothers Lucifer and Jesus, returning to spin the wheel again.


And to tie this whole mess back to 432, here's one final coincidence. If we happen to add 432 days to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 last year, a ceremony of uncanny symbolic coherence and weirdness, we come to November 16th, 2012. Is there anything special about this date?

For myself, this calculation blew me away because Nov. 16, 2012 is the original end date that Terence McKenna posited for his Timewave Zero before he synched it with the Mayan calendar endpoint of Dec. 21st. He gave a few November dates at different times, and his calculation might be off, but this I think is the day he favoured as it would have also been Terence's 66th birthday. He discusses this date in the following clip:

By studying the myths of all cultures regarding the shifting of previous Ages, and prophecies for the present shift, we can find valuable symbols and concepts. The appearance of the Hero Twins, the descent into and surfacing of the underworld, the revelation of the New Jerusalem, the crossing of the Abyss, the Rainbow Bridge, the final battle, and key numbers like 432 all return at these points of climax within the cycle. To grasp all of this simultaneously, as one complete vision, is to crack the Matrix.

We always keep in mind that these symbols and rituals are never entirely good or evil. To be effective they must contain all phases of the cycle at once. As in Finnegans Wake, the River Liffey is at once the pure and sparkling streams of the mountain headwaters, the sluggish, brown estuary washing out all of the mire and filth of Dirty Dublin (in Joyce's day), and the rain-laden sea clouds. To become attached to, or afraid of, only one part or meaning of the cycle or symbol without seeing the whole is to suffer.

Dee's hieroglyph represents the whole of being, both macro and microcosm. This can be applied to every hieroglyph. The cipher always stands for the whole of being, even if it only consists of one triangle, the simplest and most frequently used figure. -- Dietrich Donat

Quadra Sent Him and Trinity Too 1

432 is a number that has kept showing itself over the last year and it seems to be intrinsically related to topics covered in this blog. Recently a piece on 432 was posted on the excellent Sync Netz blog, and in April another entry on 432 appeared in another favourite blog, The Building Roam. Prior to seeing these, I had already began to ponder this number with some fellow researchers. The net itself is pretty filled with talk on 432. Why? I'd like to add to this discussion.

The last post laid out the "method" of this blog -- the attempt to connect all things symbolically into one vast tapestry of correspondences that can be wholly grasped in a single instant. No need for modesty here! So this is where I'll start with 432 (and 4 and 32). I will try to bring in as many elements as possible in the attempt to create a whole picture, a gestalt, that vividly emerges from the fractured and alienating nightmare of modernity.


Walking on Shells

We can begin the ride back at the Madonna Superbowl ritual on the 5th of February. Much has already been written about this on the net, (including its possible sinister connections with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee starting on Feb. 6th and the death of Whitney Houston on the 11th), so this post will only cover the central symbolism involving 432.

During the halftime show of the 46th Superbowl, Madonna as Isis/Ishtar/Esther makes her entrance held aloft by a phalanx of Roman/Egyptian/Babylonian centurions seated on a golden throne with the glyph for her MDNA album displayed on it. The A of MDNA is at the top. This provides the clue.

MDNA in simple English numerology is 13+4+14+1, four numbers that sum to 32. 32 is the number of paths on the Tree of Life. MDNA describes a journey, across the Abyss, on the central pillar of the Tree of Life. It begins on the 13th path of the High Priestess, crosses the 4 at Da'at (beginning with the fourth letter Daleth or Delta -- the door), intersects the 14th path (14=N) between Binah and Chokmah, and finally reaches the Aleph at the crown of Kether. From here it is possible to merge into the Ain Soph -- the 33, or 32+1.

Madonna's serious involvement with the Kabbalah is a matter of common knowledge. She is a high-ranking member of the controversial Kabbalah Centre, and the symbolism of MDNA would certainly be known to her. Among traditional Kabbalah practitioners, however, the teachings of the Centre, and the actions of its celebrity followers like Madonna, are highly unorthodox. Here is a statement from one Rabbi about Madonna's practices:

I personally do not know Madonna and therefore, I do not wish to cast aspersions on her that she intentionally and willingly wishes to act with sacrilege against the holy Torah and the sacred Kabbalah. That would be anti-Semitic and I do not believe that Madonna is an anti-Semite. I cannot tell you why Madonna presented herself as having a tattoo of a holy Name on her shoulder, wrapped herself with mock tefillin straps, and made use a Holy Name in a most unholy fashion (in a rock music video).

The challenging of orthodoxy can sometimes be a good thing, but in the case of this and many other very public rituals it appears that traditional rites are intentionally inverted. Even Crowley warned about attempting to cross the Abyss with one's ego firmly intact. Instead one must become "no man" or "nemo." If the public rituals are attempts to signify and thus direct the collective passage across the Abyss, the thing most noticed is the complete glorification of the ego and its materialist aims.

Within the tradition of the Kabbalah, these aims can be acquired through magical work with the Qliphoth, the Shadow of the Tree of Life. These rituals are very powerful, but they are systematic inversions of the real thing. Here's a bit on what occult adept Dion Fortune writes about the Qliphoth:

The Qliphoth are aptly termed the evil and averse Sephiroth, for they are not independent principles or factors in the cosmic scheme, but the unbalanced and destructive aspect of the Holy Stations themselves. There are, in fact, not two Trees, but one Tree, a Qliphah being the reverse of a coin of which the obverse is a Sephirah. Whoever uses the Tree as a magical system must perforce know the Spheres of the Qliphoth, because he has no option but to deal with them.

Are Madonna and others intentionally working with this type of magic? Do those behind the rituals realize that an egoless passage across the Abyss is an impossibility for the Masters of the Empire of Ego, and that therefore the only option they have for continued dominance is to pass through the Door in reverse? We must be wary of one-sided interpretations.

The Man in the Mountain

The Tree of Life is also representative of the body of Man. He is called Adam Kadmon in the Kabbalah, Albion in Blake, and Finn in Joyce. Each country, and the world itself, is also a higher fractal iteration of this cosmic Man. Nature itself has fallen with his Fall. Nations, then, also have this four and thirty-two structure.

Both Blake and Joyce employ the symbol of the four provinces of Ireland and the traditional 32 counties. Blake expands this out to the 32 nations (eight on each of the four continents of America, Europe, Asia and Africa) who will rule the Earth and protect liberty after the revelation of the New Jerusalem at the end of the Age.

Interestingly, there were exactly 32 nations involved in fighting World War One. This war is what most historians agree ushered in our present modern era and these 32 nations have now, through decolonization and separation, become the several score of nations making up the present UN.

The UN itself appears to be perpetuating this symbolism on its flag. 32 segments of the globe are depicted with the 33rd circle at the Pole representing Zion, the New Jerusalem. Even the blue shade of the flag is reminiscent of the Israeli flag.

Other traditions also uphold the 32 division of the cosmic Man. In Buddhist tradition the Buddha is identified by 32 signs on his body. It is also significant that these 32 signs are also found on the body of the Cakravartin, the future benevolent leader of the 4 traditional continents of the world.

In our own bodies, naturally divided into four by four limbs and also by front, back, left and right, 32 is prominent. Adults naturally have 32 teeth (upper and lower jaws, right and left side =4), and there are 32/33 vertebrae in our spine. Of course there are 32 main degrees in Freemasonry crowned by a symbolic 33rd degree. Christ was 32 or 33 when he was crucified (cross=4). etc.


The Destroyer of Worlds

4 and 32 are significant numbers in time as well as space. Connected with the spatial division of Ireland is the fact that it is the year 432 AD which traditionally begins St. Patrick's mission to Ireland. Robert Anton Wilson called Ireland "a living synchronicity, having 4 provinces divided into 32 counties and also having been converted to Christianity by St. Patrick in 432 A.D."

Modern historians have now come to doubt this date because, as Joseph Campbell points out, 432 has magical significance and may have been chosen for this reason. Campbell notes that 432 is intimately associated with the traditional reckoning of the Hindu Yuga cycle of 4,320,000 years, with 432,000 years in the present Kali Yuga.

Campbell also compares this with the tradition in the Poetic Edda of Iceland that at Ragnarok 800 warriors would emerge from the 540 doors of Odin's hall in Valhalla. This makes 432,000 warriors and matches the number of years in the Kali Yuga. Dividing the traditional 25,920 years of the precessional cycle by 60 (one Babylonian soss unit) we also get 432. The page linked here gives an excellent overview of 432's connection with precession and the shifting of the ages in various traditions.

St. Patrick is most commonly associated with his ridding Ireland of snakes. We also find this theme in many traditions. The story of Guru Rimpoche's subjugation of the demons of Tibet, which is then converted to Buddhism, is very similar. Both are variations on the dragon-slaying mythos which generally indicates the end of an age.

Similar themes are present in Homer's Iliad. This epic of the Trojan War is also about the the end of the Age of Heroes and the start of the present Age of Iron. Ages in mythology usually end with the slaying/banishment of serpents/dragons and/or a great world-destroying battle. Ragnarok, for example, has both. Ages can also end in floods or fire.

The Iliad in key ways directly parallels the Indian epic, the Mahabarata, and especially in its climax, the Bhagavad Gita. In the Iliad the hero Achilles needs convincing to join in the battle which he knows will end the age. In the Bhagavad Gita it is Krishna who convinces Arjuna to fight in a battle which ushers in this Age of Kali. Both Achilles and Arjuna are archetypes of the Cakravartin.

The pivotal point of the Gita is when Krishna reveals to Arjuna his universal form, the Vishvarupa.

In a modern parallel, it is exactly from this moment of climax in the Gita that Robert Oppenheimer quotes when witnessing the Trinity atomic bomb test on July 16, 1945:

Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

The Trinity test is now held to be the start of the Atomic Age, a tighter turn of the Age of Kali spiral. Oppenheimer takes this quote from chapter 11 verse 32 of the Gita. 1132 happens to be the most recurrent, most mysterious number in Finnegans Wake, a book which RA Wilson believes predicts the atomic bomb.
July 16th is also significant. 25 years later the first manned mission to the Moon, Apollo 11, was launched on July 16th, 1969. 30 years later Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut, was released on July 16th, as he had intended, to mark to the anniversary of the Apollo mission. Kubrick's relation with the Apollo missions has been the cause of much speculation. On the same day in 1999, JFK Jr. died in a plane crash. It was his father's famous desire that put a man on the moon by the end of the Sixties. Why do these events all occur on July 16th?

The Islamic calendar also begins on July 16th, 622 in the Julian calendar. Some scholars say that this corresponds to the heliacal rising of Sirius, presumably in Mecca. This could easily be verified with astronomy software.

As laid out in the last post, the purpose here is to demonstrate how all things are linked together simultaneously in both time and space. 4 and 32 are key pieces to this puzzle. The body of Albion will be reformed at the end of the Age. This appears to be happening right now.

To the Fairest

The Iliad, an epic of the end of the last Age, is the story of the rise and fall of Achilles at the end of the Trojan War. We all know how the mythical Trojan War began. The goddess Eris or Discordia, crashed a party of the Gods and threw a Golden Apple with the words "To the fairest" inscribed on it into a cluster of three goddesses, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite.

All three vainly claimed the apple for themselves and called on Zeus to judge who was the most beautiful. Zeus wisely refused to do so and demanded that Paris of Troy make the judgement. Each of the goddesses attempted to bribe Paris, but Aphrodite's offer was the best. The Love Goddess promised to grant Paris the beautiful Helen who unfortunately was already the wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta. Paris' abduction of Helen directly led to the war.

I'm most interested in the Golden Apple here. The apple was stolen by Hera from the Garden of the Hesperides. The tree was guarded by 3 or 4 nymphs and the serpent/dragon Lacon. This all has obvious resonances with the Garden of Eden story and, in this sense, the whole Trojan epic represents another version of the Fall.

The Hesperides are, in some accounts, the daughters of Hesperus, the Evening Star. Hesperus and his brother, Phosphorus the Morning Star, are later recognized as being one star, Venus or Lucifer. The nature of the snake in the garden becomes clear with this connection and definitely matches the Biblical account.

The eating of the Apple of the Garden of Eden, being the fruit of the Knowledge (Da'at) of Good and Evil, represents the passage through Da'at. The Golden Apple of the Garden of the Hesperides would also represent this. In the Greek story the Goddess (Eve) is divided into three parts -- the mother (Hera), the maiden (Athena), and the sexual temptress (Aphrodite). Paris' choice of Aphrodite clearly marks the connection of the Golden Apple with sexual Knowledge (Da'at or Gnosis).

The Snake coiled around the Tree in both myths is a version of Hesperus/Lucifer. This, of course, is also the symbol of Caduceus -- the staff of Hermes and also of Iris, the Rainbow. This symbol also appears as the spine in Kundalini yoga, and later as DNA. All of these symbols are linked and all signify the knowledge gained from generative energy.

Interestingly, the same symbols of the Sun, the Moon, the Golden Apple, and the coiling serpents were all very prominent during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympic Games in London. This symbolism represented a continuation of themes presented at the Olympic Games, and it is evident that all of the ceremonies of London 2012 consisted of a powerful four-part mega-ritual designed, perhaps, to facilitate our collective passage through the Abyss.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A short note on Method

It is a good moment to briefly write about Method. It may seem too obvious to note, but this blog and the shifting community of similar blogs and researchers are not using the scientific method. We are not scientists. Perhaps we use the tools, observations, theories and metaphors of science but we apply them for our own purposes. This is a good thing. The scientific method is too limited for our project, and it actually might be a barrier to reaching our goal.

The scientific method is great for finding information that is universal, reproducible under laboratory conditions, and can be objectively and mathematically verified. Unfortunately, what we are looking at does not necessarily meet these conditions.

We are examining the interrelation of outer space and inner mind. This is inherently subjective, singular and deeply personal. Because of this our methods are also very different from those of modern science. We are a lot closer to the Medieval alchemists and Renaissance hermeticists than we are to modern scientists. Again, I think this is a good thing.


We begin with intuitions. These intuitions are "confirmed" by synchronicity, and through synchronicity we start to discern a pattern. This is exactly how traditional tables of magical correspondences were established. Sensitive people, likely shamans and sages, noted the synchronistic linking of certain "symbols" -- the moon and silver for example, and derived tangible effects by harnessing the power of these associations.


Magic grew out of similar systems of correspondences. Inner and outer patterns were not separated as they are today. Every object, every person was seen as being a reflection of the whole. In this way everything was entirely connected to everything else. This is what we are beginning to realize again.

In a sense, then, our method is exactly magic. Magic, even now, is taboo because it works. It works because, more than any other system of thought, it understands that the nature of reality is linguistic, even poetic, and through manipulation of language we can alter reality. The universe is not a vast law-bound machine. It is a dream. The shamans and magicians knew this and this is being rediscovered.


What the Gnostics called the Archons, the powers and principalities of this world, are able to maintain power over the world because they monopolize these magical methods. They have convinced most modern people that effective and novel knowledge can only be gained through science. Most people are not scientists, and most scientists are narrow specialists, so people resign themselves to never being able to discover anything new about the universe.

People are starting to see through this lie. Each individual is the master explorer of his or her own consciousness and encapsulated inside this consciousness is the entire cosmos. This is the primary secret that the Archons want to prevent people from knowing. If this was revealed fully their reign would immediately end.
An essential plank of the Archon's spell is the deception of linear time. We are conditioned to believe that C proceeds from B which in turn is caused by A. All events have immediately prior causes, and usually we are also provided with the Official Story of these causes.

What the shamans, magicians and poets realized, though, was that all times and places exist at once. Everything is simultaneous and ubiquitous. We really exist in the Eternal Now. Eternity is not infinite duration, but a singularity and a simultaneity of everything at once.

This is why our method is so radical. By making more and more connections, and most importantly by imbuing them with deeply personal meaning, we are breaking down the tyranny of linear time and causality. Once this goes all other control systems will quickly collapse in tandem.

We can get a lot of help with this Herculean task. This was also the aim of Joyce and Blake. This was also the task of all of the great epic poems from Gilgamesh onwards -- to present the entire tapestry of human imagination in one work. This is what I see that all of us are trying to accomplish.

In a sense, then, we are not trying to find some Truth that is Out There. There are no facts, as Nietzsche taught, only interpretations. In this way we differ greatly from the "Truth Movement." There is no Real Story to unveil behind transformative events like 9/11. To assert otherwise is to build yet another foundation, yet another Official Story. By attempting to do this we keep the Spell firmly intact.

These events represent immensely powerful occult workings and it is our job to prevent them from being frozen into any one interpretation. Their energies must be released by forging pathways of connection to all things. Power, both physically and symbolically, must not be monopolized. 

It has now been eleven years since 9/11, which coincidentally or not was also a Tuesday. Even now people are continuing to die in direct consequence of this event. Despite the heroic efforts of members of the Truth Movement -- which has awakened millions to the fact that the Official Story is a lie, the reigning powers seem more resolved than ever to let the entire system collapse before they reveal what really happened.


What realistically did we expect? Did we think that justice would be served? 9/11 is just too big, it has had too much of a historic impact, for TPTB to willingly shatter its myth.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has very similar aims and expectations to the UFO Disclosure Movement. Both hope that ultimately the system will blow the whistle on itself. This is not likely to happen. Instead, we do not have to demand or wait for a "disclosure." We already know that things are not as they are presented. Why do we need the system to admit this?

The only reason why it would do so is if it could no longer ensure its survival except in disclosing the "truth" -- in other words by trying yet another trick. Instead of waiting for this to happen, instead of letting ourselves to be spun into a tighter turn of deception, we can use our knowledge to further fragment the ruling Spell and to begin to imagine for ourselves. Let this be our aim and method.