Sunday, April 1, 2018

Just Typing Care Or Whack Rip Off Interlude Practice

Jumpstart: invoke OAM, kaggle waggle waggle, flop flop, ice in a plastic cup, baritone moondance piano, finger drumming, smiles, paws, beckoning, boring guitar solo, bus parking lot video, transformation down in your soul, baby, German booms in the stairwell, rusted yellow railing with cubic concret block stands, not German French, corner not stairs, Waits? Nothing that good, red flag whitehawks on a tour, the same chord over and over, canned drums, a side glance from the fruit-slurping neighbour, Chip or Dale on her nails, can’t make sense of the ratrace, now Italian? Feminine voices. A chair now occupied. Beard, shaved sides. A whistle shrills. Sigh and a settle into heavy wooden chairs, flowery maroon boulders, mix of English and Japanese, he’s full, and some other tongue. Fingers tapping a plastic keyboard, like mine, noe, misspelling, different stream of though, smaller in maroon and flowers. Slightly weird. Cream parasol, black dress. Each to hir own screen. LOCKER and the red arrow, taken again, grey fedora of soft cloth, steady stream, always a new scene, white gloves crossed, now on large plastic wheel, red cane, white masks, I’ll be waiting, striped convexes, jazz slapping on the laptop keys, black plastic sun visor, a yawn, a flake of eyebrow dandruff, shuffling, ahh..., tall red wooden gate in the corner of the bus square, the Byrds? Up in the tree next to the goat watering hole, mad on cactus, turn turn turn..., And a red Turkish flag wrapped around the pole one third maybe fluttering, not much wind, nose blowing, pollen, troll snot, roasted mutton, can’t see the future, circles connected by blue lines, a map of time, rent a cycle, the rent cycle, inescapable feudal poverty, sunglasses hanging by an arm on a t-shirt neckline, a fluid natural gesture replicated everywhere, I can’t do it, illiterate, deliberate, isolated, alienated, puffy puke green coat rushing to avoid an omnibus, cheating? Reading what is already written, typos allowed? Corrections? Revisions? Genius never makes a mistake, which genius? Djinn? Let it (her?) speak through the errors, blew an eyebrow hair off R, shake out the shoes, nice E, now i7m behind, i seven am, 7AM, nice also at front, more mucus, love don’t lrt me try, kind of magnet, more canes, only one, black, neighbours leaves, raking? Breaking wind, stifled for now, WE, that is what happens, checking again, n but why not? Next to the goat, a floater in the moat, I’ve got more where that came from, perfectly placed short snort, behind again, or not possible? Behinf what? New assembling, zip, clinkle, noice eavsdrop, snort again now please, snort again now, whoop whoop whoop, wooden legs heavy scrape the foolr, foolscape, any marks? Check, jusasec... Nothing fake stone tile why all of the commas commies, another nondescript with a mask, out the window, hand tired, recovering from fall, release this mess? What mlhu! No nono! Cry cry pidgeons in secerret hideouts between building, 5 dimensional coluor receptors, the five skandhas according to haze, why get upset? Dude, slow waiting pace, plaid scarf, back and forth, buzzer on wooden surface fart, red bull hairy uniform junkie in sunglasses and another fucjing mask,,, another tribe, reading glasses resting on the tip of a pink nose, long white hairs surround a bald dome, another hage, hag on the fence’s edge, tennis racket handle sticking out a the top of a backpack, sucum, succour, find a sytyle, a hair crisis, drandruffy arroyo, quick exit, slurp it back shove it in, another sits, jump a dog, a bundle of flowers, 20 long years since Luang, sleeping tofddler in mother’s(?) arms exit taxi, exueny, the high heel twirly locks set, generic hubcaps, can’t afford to sleep, shoulder ache noew, old people everywhere, a quartert baring int, trombones? No shamisen? Okinawa folk wood cane waiting, a little hop a swaddle-de-daddle, Midnight as genius of course, The Muse, Urania, The Cristian crisisian one, of astrology, no astronomy, the stars, GOod Saturday, now down in Hell stealing the keys, freeing those who wait, almost a glimpse down a..., should not have, hanging from the tree, chocolates?fish tar, internal wandering begin not begin, murmurmurmur, slapslap pittapitta sniff, janai, double sunglasses lipstick, caps, hoods, small green plants clinging to the corners, cough muted by an elbow pit, glasses perched on the patch camera huge lensesss on gut, rs, rest, kekekekek, smirk at ? Point at? Incapable of talk, fuzzy ones, sheepish, if you chose to die, concerning the boundary, comma out right hand out, fuck a comma two crows nearly in pigeon space, bruised spohie comma no why not earl gret egret regret Tet white mouths elastic ears continue retinue; semi colon; half ; comma:]3% kennedy was that? I was... Take your smokes off at the dor DOR dearly and deadly orgone radishes, volume up gregariousness of the tung tree Schtitt fell in love with a tree. So have i. Auto capital correditect but only after perios perros and periods. Of war follwe periods @ piece. Spaces also abritrarrry                           freedukeyoudrewcineclub           teoiouycget two light boxes of each pole, disintegrating, shineforth, 45degreepointing tosidewalklenspointgoatee                          gutsandsapporosondebenchtwoshare one can crackswhiskersfagreenplaschain ban on backspace temp removed typooo gone muse finds another device taking off coat best timecounting change glance asleep soundly on to p of head cake eater movement of spoon to choco lips, lightsaber orange/red shuffles over the lot just below vanished behind the wall, risk a glimpse, lovely, purring slurps, cats have a rough tounge tree, catch that or not? Snapping pen, now tuft hair has beer wife with rice crackers? Ssss sounds, so nada, nanda, apologies for wiping, arrival, out with the books, many archetypes, first pregnancy negative nancy janai-oh! Yabai! Oh my! Itchy knee scabs, march the dangerous month, over the handle bars just at the exact moment of a thought of home, nemesis, hubris, green onions negi sticking out of mama bike basket, i’m peeing!! The whistle is white. Changes the sound. Over a thousand of nonsense now. Again bless yous. Covered baby head as bizarre chest growth, blue band, crinkle shuffle, cookbook, late night drunk Hamlet convo cat? No slightly goggle-eyed, baby you sacrifice, ankle crack, placed helpless on the bench, confused or patient, directions, routes of many colours, New york, a cane in both hands, more vertical basket negi, private music, bag behind back, no clouds only a kite a bird a hwak hawk i mean, objay still on bench commuter bike walked past the ginkgo, got it! No red line, parents return, same sad slumping pose, clop clop clop always look, the purpose? Small kid running with big slab of circuitry, Honolua, grated manholes slippery when wet, real release this? Old purple hair and slight smile, cup still empty, how can they talk? Why can’t... Glowing 80s green, bobbing 5d p-picker struts under the sign, read the last section, petering out, fuzzhead like S spins the pole read then

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