Monday, July 8, 2013

Communications From Another Side

Last week, I had the honour and pleasure of appearing on the excellent Always Record podcast. The never-without-surprises Bill Klaus and I had a long, rambling and unscripted conversation on a number of topics and themes explored in this blog. These include contact from beyond, my post on Unit 731, other uncanny numbers, PKD and, of course, Finnegans Wake.

This was my second time on Always Record. The first occasion in April, which I neglected to mention here, was also a lot of fun. I was more relaxed in the second conversation. Maybe too relaxed.

I personally don't enjoy listening to myself speaking. Writing allows me the time to consider what I want to convey. Perhaps in this way, though, it's more artificial. Speaking is the raw deal -- me without the mask -- but actually it is itself filtered through the particular social environment I'm immersed in at the time. My greatest consideration while speaking here was that I was being recorded for public broadcast. That's not really me either. Shoganai.

So please listen and enjoy and make whatever connections you want between what you hear on these audio recordings and what you read in this blog. Probably you'll find some overlap. Maybe you won't. I'm not sure if they're the same or not. Thanks always for being out there somewhere.

The "Mark" mentioned in this recent talk is the incomparable Mark LeClair, the Wrong Way Wizard.

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